Wolfsburg Software Expert presents technology of the futureEarly in November, more than 100,000 visitors from 160 countries and 11,000 CEOs of innovative companies and start-ups from around the world will be pouring into the Portuguese capital. Hexad GmbH has crafted an intelligent navigation app in cooperation with Volkswagen Group and the city of Lisbon. The app will be used in the shuttle buses provided by the city of Lisbon for the technology event. “Our innovative navigation solution is based on Volkswagen’s quantum technology,” says Hexad CEO Suresh Shamanna. The Ground-breaking technology was developed on Hexad’s highly sophisticated MESHÔ platform. MESHÔ is also going to be presented at the “AWS re: Invent” in Las Vegas in early December.

The conference in Las Vegas is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the global cloud computing community. AWS attracts developers, decision makers, start-ups and global companies from around the world at the gathering. AWS re: Invent is known for setting standards and identifying new developments. “In Las Vegas, we will introduce our ‘MESHÔ platform’ to the world,” says Suresh Shamanna, Hexad CEO. “Imagine companies measuring from small to large, they all have same problems of digital disruption and dexterity. A Global bank wants to digitalize their workplace and a small sports shop also wants to digitalize their employee engagement. So, MESHÔ is the answer to these digital dexterity problems. MESHÔ already offers in-built components such as Authentication & Authorization, Content Management, Messaging à la WhatsApp and Telegram , User Management, Organization Management, News feed, Media Management, Ride Sharing, Marketplace among a host of other features that basically accelerates the time to market it takes for the Digital dexterity of SMEs and large-scale enterprises at workplace. Organizations must take a business-led approach to digital transformation to succeed and in our case, MESHÔ would solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges at ease” explains Suresh Shamanna. Meanwhile, the product itself has leap frogged on further strategic developments and Hexad has built an events and catering app for football fans based on its platform for football Bundesliga club VFL Wolfsburg. And in October this year, Hexad has won Volksbank BraWo as a pilot customer for MESHÔ in the areas of Digital Workplace