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That build the future

Our customers rely on our expertise of agile development – the work we do together with our clients as a cohesive product design team. Together we solve real problems and develop innovative products that have the power to transform the world. Because we work collaboratively, your team will learn cutting-edge technology and best practices.


We help you turn your idea into a great product.


We are Master in Modern Technology

We work with you to quickly assess your team’s goals, process, tech and culture to determine which squads are right for you and to co-create a unique engagement model that works.

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We help our partners develop a long-term business strategy and competitive positioning for their product.

  • Agile Product Development
  • Research and Insights
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Product Positioning
  • Roadmap and Feature Planning


We move rapidly, involve real users, iterate and test, leading to increased user acquisition and adoption.

  • User Research and Testing
  • Rapid Concepting
  • Experience Prototyping
  • UX and Visual Design
  • Branding and Positioning


We leverage modern technologies and best practices to create game changing products for our partners.

  • Technical R&D and Prototyping
  • Mobile and Web Development
  • Systems and Software Architecture
  • DevOps Strategy and Planning
  • Cloud Architecture Strategy

Hexad boasts an autonomous entity of people with a variety of skills and perspective that support each other towards a common goal.

It can look good and feel good, but without a strategy it probably isn’t going very far. And so, before we actually start creating anything we start by getting to know you. Your hopes and dreams. Once we've figured out where you want to go we start to draft a map and create a route for how to get there. And we call it strategy and we send you a bill.

Daily Standup

Each workday begins with a brief team stand-up meeting to discuss what you did yesterday, and what you plan to do today.


The product manager leads the team through the backlog during the Iteration Planning Meeting. Team members collaborate to clarify items and ensure consistency.


The product manager oversees prioritization, while prototypes are managed by the designer. Throughout, user research eliminates unnecessary features.

Pair Programming

Two programmers work together at one workstation. One, the driver, writes code while the other, the observer or navigator, reviews each line of code as it is typed in. The two programmers switch roles frequently.


The team meets weekly to decompress, identify issues, and discuss areas for improvement, leading to iterative improvement. That’s the agile method. We adopt a culture of constant feedback and learning. (Also: We take breaks, ping-pong tables included.)

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