Hexad GmbH climbs to 11th place in the “Growth Champion 2018” ranking of Focus magazine and improves by 54 places to 65th in 2017. For the second time in a row, Hexad is awarded the title of “Growth Champion”. The ranking is compiled annually by the German business magazine Focus in cooperation with the statistics portal Statista. The basis for this is an analysis of sales and personnel growth, in which only independent companies with permanent headquarters in Germany are taken into account.

Suresh Shamanna, Managing Director of Hexad, is pleased with the appreciative assessment: “We are incredibly proud of this achievement and are constantly working to develop ourselves purposefully.”

Hexad – the hub for agility and cloud native software:

Hexad GmbH was founded in Wolfsburg in 2010 and is an international provider of architectural consulting, cloud native software, agile project management and agile XP software development. Hexad employs more than 200 people worldwide. As a strategic development partner, Hexad is tightly integrated with many companies and corporations, pioneering non-transient innovation, portable big data solutions, business intelligence, and digital transformation. To develop agile applications and implement setup automation, Hexad uses polyglotte build packs and a 12-factor app method optimized for today’s cloud computing platforms that can be applied to manufacturing, architecture, and development practices without significant adoption ,