Suresh Shamanna (Managing Director Hexad GmbH), Hans-Georg Friedrichs (Mayor Neuhaus-Reislingen), Jens Hofschröer (Managing Director of WMG), Dennis Weilmann (Dept. of Economics, Digital and Culture of the City of Wolfsburg and Managing Director of WMG), Kai-Uwe Hirschheide (City Council of the City of Wolfsburg), Sabah Enversen (Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of WMG), Detlef Conradt (Mayor city center), Withold Krumm (Managing Director K-Bau GmbH and Co. KG) (from left to right). Photo: WMG

Wolfsburg. Hexad GmbH celebrated the start of construction work on its new innovation lab on Benzstrasse this Friday, together with Wolfsburg Business and Marketing GmbH (WMG), City Planning Officer Kai-Uwe Hirschheide, Dennis Weilmann, and Mayor Detlef Conradt and Hans Jürgen Friedrichs. That tells the WMG.

The importance of Hexad, the global company, for the city of Wolfsburg was emphasized by both the Town Planning Officer Kai-Uwe Hirschheide and the Dennis Weilmann Department of Economic Affairs. Hexad invests in the field of future technologies and exemplifies the importance of the digital transformation. At the same time, Hexad particularly supports the Wolfsburg Marathon as well as VfL Wolfsburg.

“I am delighted that together with the specialist departments in the administration we have found a suitable building plot for the Hexad GmbH and were able to speed up the construction project up to the building permit,” explains WMG Managing Director Jens Hofschröer.

What was needed was rapid project implementation due to the current challenges of Hexad. As a highly innovative company, which among other things received the title of Growth Champion in 2016 for the Internet, Software and Services, new employees are regularly sought. The construction project is therefore urgently needed for the further development of the company. The new functional building will house three storeys with a hall wing and modern, open offices with relaxation and activity areas for up to 120 employees on an area of around 900 square meters. “With our new building, we can end the space-constrained situation for our employees and create the conditions for further positive business development,” said Suresh Shamanna, Managing Director.

The mayors Friedrichs and Conradt praised the settlement in the Benzstraße and were happy about the start of construction. “I am particularly in favor of the small and medium-sized businesses in Wolfsburg and wish the owners good luck,” explained Hans Georg Friedrich. Detlef Conradt added: “Innovative companies like Hexad are vital to the development of our city to stay well prepared for the challenges of the future.”