Our services

As part of services portfolio, Hexad offers extensive solutions spanning across multiple areas of deep
technology and non-technology expertise such as below.

Professional Consulting

The rapidly changing market conditions demand businesses to be innovative and agile. Hexad GmbH as consultants helps its clients to seize new business opportunities by delivering integrated, end-to-end IT enabled solutions and services which generates value for their technology based investments.

To bridge the gap between business and IT, Hexad GmbH achieves success through three key transformations:

  • Innovation
  • Operational Excellence
  • Agility

Through process oriented approach, Hexad consulting services aligns businesses and IT solutions through strategy formulation, architecture and performance oriented implementation. Our customer centricity and global experience enhances our client’s growth through reduced delivery time and cost, and increased operational excellence. Hexad GmbH, today has recognized expertise in cloud computing, Portal technology, service-oriented architectures, mobile applications and also a deep understanding of business processes, from product development to sales order processing.

Technology Architecture Services

Hexad offers an array of technology services from providing software architectural planning, design, development and implementation. Our teams consisting of expert architects and skilled developers provide round the clock technical support to our clients to deliver quality solutions on par with existing industry technology standards and practices. Hexad not only supports in defining the strategic roadmap but also supports in developing the tactical building blocks which helps clients in achieving enhanced solutions.

To sustain in today’s business environment, ability to adapt is a key factor. Hexad GmbH technology services helps clients achieve their vision, implementation and governance of emerging technology and enterprise architecture, including cloud computing, Portal technology, service-oriented architectures and mobile applications.

How Technology and Architecture Enhances Our Clients Capabilities:

  • Alignment between IT strategy and business goals are robust
  • Technology efficiencies are enhanced through implementation of IT standards and governance
  • New technologies support new business processes
  • Platforms and technologies are aligned to reduce complexity and cost

System Analysis and Design

Analysis and Design are important aspects in understanding the evolution of existing systems and the development of new ones. There is a lag in infrastructure which struggles to cope up with fast passed market shift. Hexad GmbH believes that a practical balance of analysis and design integrates an understanding of system requirements as an organic part of the software development process.

Our analysis and design services include:

  • Analyzing existing business processes and systems, for the purpose of developing new software solutions
  • Developing software specification documents to assist clients in focusing on how new systems will work
  • Structured workshop meetings with clients, to gather specific requirements of what the business is looking for in a new system – assist in focusing the business on its specific short term and long term requirements.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance services to ensure performance and functionality is maintained to a high standard

Software Development

To increase efficiency, improve customer engagement and generate profit it is necessity to continuously optimize business processes. To accomplish this feat specially designed and developed software should be implemented for specific business processes. At Hexad our software development services team with profound knowledge of product development, product engineering coupled with Agile framework realize the importance of our customer needs. Hexad GmbH offers innovative technical experience in understanding customer needs and develops software to enhance their performance.

Hexad professionals have in-depth industry experience, expertise and extensive knowledge of latest application development technologies including Java, J2EE, and Liferay Open Source to develop tailored solutions. We helps produce software that can be accessed with a platform-independent web-browser as your single interface, catering to both Busines2Busines (B2B) and Business2Customer (B2C) clients through solutions that encompass Internet and Intranet across technologies and industries.

Hexad GmbH follows agile methodology in its software development projects. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and incorporate project managers, business analysts and developers to develop project within best possible time frame. To ensure the vision of our clients are met at every step of development we recognize the importance of feedback and constantly work upon them.

Software Testing

The quality of software developed has posed a major hurdle to emerging as well as established software businesses due to faster roll outs. The most significant face to ensure excellent deliveries to client is testing. Enterprises today focus on business oriented testing and enhance quality assurance due to rapid digital transformation. Hexad GmbH believes that the deployment readiness of software application signifies not just our performance but also our competitive tech savvy development capabilities. We believe identification of defects at very early stage helps reduce cost and improves quality. Hexad GmbH offers a comprehensive suite of application testing processes which enable us to deliver the working software through different levels of testing horizontals such as functional and performance testing.

Through enhanced testing process Hexad GmbH aims to achieve:

  • Reduces Probability/Impact ratio i.e. the probability that defects would arise creating any impact to the system is less
  • Timely defect deduction and enhanced operational agility
  • Reduction in cost and delivery time
  • Accomplish strategic business objectives and realize quality standards

Mobile Application Development

Hexad offers domain expertise in developing and designing mobile applications for different platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows also leading mobile app framework based on HTML5 and JavaScript. Our Mobile application development team provides complete, feature-rich mobility development services for clients who need to deal with variety of mobile applications for score of back-end data sources through secure protocols. Our team provides solutions for length and breadth of IT mobile application landscape through rich, scalable and consistent development as output.

Some of the benefits from our mobile applications in an enterprise or corporate environment are:

  • Mobile apps have greater reach to target audience
  • Highly convenient and Ease of access to users
  • Cost effective implementation of applications
  • Provide quicker and effective customer support

With knowledge of industry advanced tools and technology our mobile application development team are able to create highly customized mobile applications needs of both customer and enterprises systems. List of our mobile application development services include

Application Development Services:

  • OS Application Development
  • Android Application Development
  • Windows Application Development
  • BlackBerry Application Development
  • Symbian Application Development
  • Custom Mobile Application Development
  • Cross multi-Platform Application Development

ITSM Implementation

Hexad ITSM Implementation services include combination of ITSM best practices and a proven implementation methodology to covering all the process of ITSM lifecycle. Hexad ITSM team has deep expertise around implementing and managing key IT Service Management processes such as Incident, Change, Release, Problem, Configuration Management & Asset Management. We provide process maturity & technological sophistication when implementing ITSM solutions for our enterprise clients.

ITSM Implementation service includes

  • Managed Services & Remote Administration
  • Assistance with Implementation Assessment / Planning
  • Conducting workshops and training for ITSM tool setup and configuration.
  • Provide assistance in setting up configurations & integrations.
  • Perform testing and provide support for User Acceptance Testing, Roll-out and Go Live.
  • Provide detailed Consulting based on each client / environment requirements.
  • ITIL Process consulting, custom training and project management to ensure technology, business and process alignment.
  • Support in Metrics consulting, BI and Reporting.