Transform your business with Mesh

  • APIs The underlying construct — the application programming interface (API) — is already built in Mesh. This strategy allows the website and apps on various platforms to be built on top of the APIs.
  • Software Platform We offer mobile SDKs instantly which is most useful when you are exposing services to external entities doing mobile app development. All of the elements configured within MESH platform offered as Software as a Service.
  • Service Oriented ArchitectureFrom transforming the data output into different formats such as XML, SOAP messages, text rich to the implementation of different web services, MESH addresses all needs.

Unique benefits of MESH Platform


Connect any platform devices to our Mesh platform seamlessly Design, run, manage and analyze APIs all on our Mesh platform Mesh support connectors of all kinds of software using platform APIs


Mesh platform provides on demand connectivity to all third party softwares within single app No need of separate server maintenance for the platform – Platform enabled on the cloud premises hosted by Hexad


Host multiple services within single App Transform services to different output formats such as xml, text, others etc., One click Mobile SDK generation

Mesh Platform
Mesh platformTM by Hexad is the only platform that lets companies realize business & technology transformation through API- led connectivity and based on Software-as-a- service & Platform-as-a-service. Mesh offers unified, really scalable integration platform custom ready to tackle industry’s biggest challenges and problems across APIs, SaaS & PaaS services.

Looking Beyond Mobile

Mobility, cloud, big data, and the Internet of Things are driving a profound change for businesses, creating both massive opportunities for innovation as well as enhancing customer expectations. World over, enterprises are becoming Mobile & Agile in order to perform ON DEMAND services through connectivity paradigm shift for customers. The world needs a new way to connect and this has become possible through our Mobile Backend as a Service called MESH.

MESH provides the platform that enables enterprises today connect by making it fast, flexible and easy. APIs are the catalyst for this change, unleashing information and eliminating the friction of integration for unprecedented speed and agility. With MESH Platform and its any connector design led by software to software API led approach, allows our customers to connect within the single app and make business functions work seamlessly.