Software Innovation in Wolfsburg

Hexad is a company started by technical entrepreneurs with experience, ambition and vision. We started the company offering development of customized software, along the way we added web services to our portfolio and now offer a spectrum of services from development of web portals, sophisticated customized applications., Business Intelligence platform based dashboards, portable big data solutions and help building high profile competency centers across Germany.

Who we are

Hexad GmbH is an internationally reputed enterprise specialized in complicated Web Portal, BI & technology competency centers based solutions based in Wolfsburg, Germany.

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As part of services portfolio, Hexad offers extensive solutions spanning across multiple areas of deep technology and non-technology expertise such as below.

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Despite being a Product company with our own Cloud based Mobile backend services, our Solutions are pretty extensive ranging from Web Portal complex products to Business Intelligence platform based to Server & deep technical support to on the way to building technology competency centers.

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Why Choose Hexad

Professional Consulting

The rapidly changing market conditions demand businesses to be innovative and agile.

Technology Architecture

Hexad offers an array of technology services from providing software architectural planning, design, development and implementation.

System Analysis and Design

Analysis and Design are important aspects in understanding the evolution of existing systems and the development of new ones.

Software Development

To increase efficiency, improve customer engagement and generate profit it is necessity to continuously optimize business processes.

Software Testing

The quality of software developed has posed a major hurdle to emerging as well as established software businesses due to faster roll outs.

Mobile Application

Hexad offers domain expertise in developing and designing mobile applications for different platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows also leading mobile app framework based on HTML5 and JavaScript.


MESH is a product of Hexad GmbH offering Mobile Backend as a service (MBaaS). It provides a common way for web and mobile app developers to link their applications to diverse backend cloud storage solutions and APIs exposed by back end applications. Additionally it provides features such as user management, push notifications, and integration with social networking services. These services are provided via the use of custom software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs). Our Product MESH is targeted to accomplish all enterprise mobile backend needs. As per Gartner report, MESH by Hexad is touted to become one of the largest mobile platforms that enterprises would want to use and utilize everyday within their networks.

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