By: NEHA SONI | Lead Program Manager at Hexad GmbH (client Volkswagen)| BlockChain Explorer | Agile Coach

Have you experienced in society, family, team, and organization

statements on the line of:

Why are you like this?

What kind of person he/she is?

I can’t get along well with these people.

Can’t she/he become a more humble, friendly, organized or punctual?

Why can’t we enjoy diversity and mingle easily, work efficiently with all kind of team members, boss, family members, friends or relatives?

It is important to understand the complexity of human nature to develop a balanced, holistic perspective; whether it is to improve relationships, strengthen teamwork, clarify a corporate vision, provide a framework for organizational development or strengthen the relationship in personal life. Because we will find diverse people all around us, let’s celebrate the diversity rather than complaining about it.

Explore our self and develop skills to understand other:

Let’s map human nature into four basic elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire to get some insights into ourselves. It is very useful to understand how other people are different, and how those differences can be valuable.

Basically, above concept of identifying people behavior is known as Tetramap.

See the picture below:

  • In the assertiveness index which side you belong to, are you a more assertive person or collaborative.
  • In the emotional index which side you belong to, are you a more task-oriented person or people oriented

Based on above points, figure out the quadrant which suits you more.

Each of the elements is used to describe different human characteristics. All of us have the four elements – in varying degrees. By understanding the differences, we can significantly improve our communication/leadership and therefore our relationships and our results.

Once you find out your quadrant, let’s see details on each personality trait:

Earth people like to take action, are decisive, facts-driven and goal oriented, they are assertive and prefer task/work than people and feelings. The Earth people care about what is real and experiential. They learn by doing. They are not dreamers. Their goals are achievable. They like things that are real, things that they can touch and feel. They are the natural communication media of Earth. They love to laugh. Earth people can be stubborn and egg-headed. They can refuse to change their minds or their ways, even when they’re obviously stuck and need to change. They can be difficult to argue with, sticking to their position tenaciously for no other reason than ego. Earth people are the ones whose friends drag them to parties because otherwise, they’d just stay home every night.

Fire people like possibilities, thinking about the future, leaving a legacy and making a positive difference, inspiring others. Fire people are passionate, they are “on fire,” whether with ideas, goals, or causes. They are natural leaders, as they convey their passions with an intensity that compels others to pay attention. A Fire candidate might have an Air strategist working beside him, but it’s Fire’s face that will appear in the TV spots. Rather than thinking, like an Air person, or feeling, like a Water person, the Fire person “just knows.” Fire people go by their gut and once they are sure of something, they don’t waver. They commit fully to whatever their passion is. The Fire person “lights up a room.” They have a “burning” presence. Fire personality is the most interesting and exciting to be around.

Water people like to focus on relationships, are considerate, caring and supportive, preference to feelings, they are people-oriented. The Water person feels first and foremost. “Thinking never solved anything-only their hearts should be their guide!” They have a great faculty with feeling – they are compassionate and great listeners. They “go with the flow,” but don’t flit about like Air people. The Water person’s open heart makes them generous, and their empathy can make them quite social. Water people are often very dreamy and can be mystical. They are peaceful, calm and like to meditate. Water people are the most suitable for handling the dispute because they are the most tender, vital and combat-worthy people. Most suitable jobs for water people are like a counselor, doctor, teacher, nurse and so on. If they work for charity, they will make great achievements because their image, temperament, and character make others feel trustable. They are generally the one anyone can count on for a good hug.

Air people like clarity, are logical, orderly and focus on improvement, preference on thinking, they are task/work oriented. The Air people think before they feel. Air personalities are rational and often quite clever. Some Air people are quiet, studious, and bookish, but Air is the element of speech, so Air people can also be entertaining and being great wits who delight in wordplay. Their gift with words may lead them to write or communications as a career. They are often proud of their ability to think things through, and may even have disdain for those who rely on feeling or intuition. Air people can be quite abstract, seeing things in broad strokes, seeing “the big picture.”As such, they are excellent theorists, philosophers, economists, and politicians-people who must see life in its systems and structures. They are probably great communicator. They are fairly emotionally independent and don’t need heavy doses of reassurance or support.


More insight on each personality:


  • Focuses on the achievement of goals, a doer.
  • Drivers, power, assertiveness, relating to control others
  • Persuasiveness, solid, strong, punctuality, unconquerable, resistance, responsibility, carefulness, firmness, ambition, matter-of-factness, aggressive, restless, impatient, easily angered.
  • Bold and sturdy, Earth people are confident in the way they walk and talk, have strong will-power.
  • Achievement and winning are important. Quick and possibly risky decisions come easily. They like a brief and to the point discussion.


  •  Focuses on inspiring and motivate others.
  • Influencer, creative, innovative, passionate.
  • Relating to the social situation, social recognition.
  • Zeal, enthusiasm, courage, decisiveness, a power of creativity, daring, jovial, playful, admirable, good in networking, talkative, dreamer, lively, disorderly.
  • Look the positive side of life, they motivate and inspire others for their bright future.
  • Fire people are often colorful, love variety and have a great sense of fun.


  • Focuses on well being, caring.
  • Steady, Persistence, thoughtfulness, patience.
  • Compassionate – one that everyone knows will lend a helping hand and a sympathetic ear.
  • Understanding, gentle, mildness, trusting nature, devotion, mercy, forgiveness, modesty, compassion, consistent, sweet, loyal, controlled, tolerant, shared, calm, soothing.
  • Consistent, loyal, give priority to feelings and heart, who show steadfast effort, patience and a desire for harmony and flow.
  • Water people are important in holding families and team together.

Air/Conscientiousness/Clear thinker:

  • Focuses on objective detail, clear precise.
  • Compliant, relating to structure, system, and organization.
  • Like clarity, are logical, orderly and focus on improvement
  • Humble, detail oriented, attentive, systematic, explanatory, diplomatic, well-disciplined, introspective, cautious, detail oriented, lazy, relaxed, rational, observant, invention.
  • Excel in finding logical solutions and making sense of situations.
  • Air people listen and plan to ensure accuracy and quality, they need facts and figures.

Typically we have a blend of two of the elements that are our drivers / our key preferences for the way we behave. Remember that we need a blend of all the elements in our self and also across our teams.

Leadership: It helps leaders, team members, freshers, students, family members to develop better understanding among different kind of people. It helps us to understand our team’s preferences, needs, and motives.

Earth leader “Just do it”: preference will be focused on overcoming challenges and being determined (think of a mountain). Earth-leaders like a brief, to the point discussion, they are very punctual.

Air leader “Do it right”: preference is about wisdom and creating a strategy. Rules, policies, and process are important to air leaders. They need details, facts, and figures.

Water leader “Let’s do it together”: preference is about empowerment, intuitive and having compassion for others, who value stability, collaboration and giving support, creating harmony.

Fire leader “Have fun doing it”: preference is about inspiring for the future, dynamic, passionate, spontaneous, creative and innovative.

How will you best connect to your team? Are you able to bring a blend of all type of personality? Having flexibility as a leader is a major key to successful relationship building. Are you flexible enough to accept others style and appreciate exactly what they are bringing to the team and adjust own behavior as per other’s personality to build a good relationship and positive environment in a team, organization, family, and friends?

If you are curious to know your score on each personality trait, let me know I can share a small exercise.

Which quadrant have you found yourself?