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The Digital transformation principles and processes promise an upturn in the next generation of digitized platforms supported by software craftsmanship working on cloud-native solutions. We as Hexad have been so thrilled to be part of an engagement with Volkswagen Digital labs in Berlin where the collective goal was to build some great products that matter to the users.

In the coming years, the technology inside the automobile is to become increasingly scalable. Digitization and digital transformations will simplify the above from the time of collecting the data for analysis purposes until the time of delivering customer service shall be guaranteed. Yet, Volkswagen Digital labs had challenges in the beginning too.


The challenge

Digital labs Berlin was started with the conception that the teams make great products with the thought process of cloud native software development twinned with processes such as extreme programming and test-driven development. But, this idea was dealt with challenges such as the mindset transformation within the considerable time as well as knowing the tools and technology stack that mattered at the start. The labs needed a strong player in the areas of XP, TDD, cloud-native skills, infrastructure, administration among many other scopes.

The Solution

With all due respect to the ambitious projects and progressive product development foreseen in digital labs Berlin, Hexad who was already a Strategic Partner for Volkswagen AG for Specialized projects and programs, was chosen to partner with Volkswagen teams into becoming operational in the next six to twelve months.

The Value Proposition

The key part of the engagement is, there was a historic pact where Hexad undersigned to take over all of Volkswagen employees on our account where we took personal responsibility and accountability to train and transform the teams into the new world of talent pool. This was a major risk for Hexad yet thought provoking, and nothing ordinary. So, over the next three years we have been building products at scale together with Volkswagen. This has resulted in products going live with approx. 4 million user base to these products.

Some of these products are:

  • WeDeliver
  • WePark
  • Carnet
  • Volkswagen ID

Our Customer Journey

“Setting up Digital Lab, Hexad + Volkswagen AG joint development, Skills transfer, Growing the Lab”