“We are Agile, We Iterate”


Agile Engineering serve as actual backbone for developing software in an agile way. Currently, our project or program delivery happens through different working processes within Agile world. Whilst the umbrella of all of Agile processes is really organization centric, we have extensively applied our Agile principles based on Scaled Agile Framework which in other words called as SAFe. Under SAFe Agile, we have applied the principles of scrum, XP, Kanban and DevOps across projects we deliver.

At a high-level, SAFe allows the organizations to be self-disciplined by having to work through different complexities of involving different practices, but the outcomes are yet focused on the following

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Testing and Validating Product Hypothesis


Simplified Governance Model


Create continuous build and deployment pipelines


Iterate and build products faster with MVPs

Our competencies are based on the guidance of SAFe principles, our teams have a very well-groomed composition of SAFe Agilists and consultants who coach our product teams to be iterative yet deliver products with value.

“We can Adapt to either XP or Scrum or Combination of Both”


Hexad is fully equipped to deliver projects either through XP or Scrum. We will take you through the delivery of projects steps

Project delivery via eXtreme Programming process


The Extreme Programming discipline at Hexad works on certain rich Lean start-up principles that are adopted by our product teams, as we continue to focus on our Minimum Viable Product, Value Proposition, and Business Model through an iterative product development lifecycle.

Keeping XP principles in mind, we have adapted Extreme Programming discipline with lean start-up mentality and the attitude of quick discoveries or problem-solving techniques and learning with the process of Build-Measure-Learn lifecycle.


Project Delivery via Scrum Process


“Team collaboration and quick feedback help us to better ways of delivering software.”

Hexad has proven its expertise in Scrum methodologies


The Scrum ceremonies are heavily adopted as we have always believed its core values and its significance to projects we deliver every day

Our intuition is that the scrum practices can be applied to moderately smaller teams measuring up to not more than 2 to 3 teams on an average.


The focus of Scrum is rather focused on customer interactions, collaboration over working documentation, increased team accountability, and well-defined product backlog to keep the team busy at work

In our portfolio of projects, there is Scrum applied throughout the planning & execution that transmits into delivered product at the end of the day.


We work closely with Volkswagen on the execution of these processes across the projects we deliver. As much as we admire the existence of Scrum and XP, we have thought-provoking leaders within the teams who are fundamentally inclined to practice newer techniques in order to improve our working quality every day.